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You can learn about Linux ® here.
The Calculate project features several distributions, optimized for two distinct groups of people: home users as well as small and medium businesses that prefer open-source to proprietary solutions.

Calculate Linux Desktop is a complementary solution for the Server and together they provide important features like roaming profiles and centralized software deployment.

Calculate Directory Server can successfully replace a Windows NT ® domain controller (Windows clients supported) and provides additional services that can be deployed in a matter of minutes: LDAP, Mail, Jabber and many others.

Calculate Linux is based on Gentoo that is well known for its stability and great performance on a broad range of hardware: from Pentium Pro to modern CPUs.



You can watch the full video here.

Why make another distribution?

Most of the modern Linux distributions are intended for enthusiasts, except Novell SLES/SLED, Ubuntu and RedHat EL. However, even if you use these, setting up a client/server environment could be tricky (especially when you have to manage both Windows and Linux clients). We created our own distribution to help other people who want to use GNU/Linux instead of a proprietary OS for their business needs.

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Forum activity

05/23 - RE: Docker calculate-sources CGroup support (Victor Guardiola)

Hi Matthew con you explain how you do it? I try and try and try but I don't success it. I open a bug ticket six month ago to change the default kernel config but nothing.


05/20 - RE: supressions définitives de logiciels et maj World (Christophe Descroizette)


Je rebondis (un peu tard) sur le sujet créé par ivan zo.
Et je pose la même question puisque les réponses données par Julien et franc ne semblent pas avoir résolu le souci du paquet pré-installé puis supprimé et qui repointe le bout de son nez lors de la mise à jour système suivante.

05/17 - RE: vboxdrv (virtualbox-modules) fails with sys-kernel/calculate-sources-4.0.1 (Adrien Daugabel)

I tryed on my CLD last week with kernel 4.0.2 : it is ok.

On your kernel : the USE minimal is disabled ? (-minimal)

I installed Virtualbox as

05/17 - RE: [SOLVED - hardware problem] Bad page map in process uksmd (Adrien Daugabel)


I installed a CLDX on this computer to recycle it and ... I had no problems...

CSS + RAID1 with mdadm on my DELL ?

CSS + RAID1 with mdadm on the HP is OK... Strange problem :)

05/17 - RE: vboxdrv (virtualbox-modules) fails with sys-kernel/calculate-sources-4.0.1 (Deko G)

Checking for Mesa / GLU: Checking for Qt4: ** qt4 not working!

I suggest to re-emerge qtcore first or try to update the system:
  1. emerge --sync
  2. emerge -avuND world
  3. eselect python update
  4. python-updater
  5. perl-cleaner --all
  6. emerge -a --depclean
  7. revdep-rebuild -i
  8. etc-update…

05/15 - RE: vboxdrv (virtualbox-modules) fails with sys-kernel/calculate-sources-4.0.1 (Iurii Blokhin)

I don't understand how you broke your system. Just installed cld, installed kernel 4.0.3 and installed app-emulation/virtualbox-4.3.26. And guess? Everything works.
Please show all what you unmask/mask and use changed. Please, show all changes from /etc/portage

05/14 - RE: vboxdrv (virtualbox-modules) fails with sys-kernel/calculate-sources-4.0.1 (Antonio Hutsona)

I'm using CLD. I have dev-qt/qtopengl-4.8.6-r1:4 installed.

05/14 - RE: vboxdrv (virtualbox-modules) fails with sys-kernel/calculate-sources-4.0.1 (Iurii Blokhin)

What version of distro you are using? CLD, CLDX, CLS? Have you installed dev-qt/qtopengl?

05/14 - RE: vboxdrv (virtualbox-modules) fails with sys-kernel/calculate-sources-4.0.1 (Antonio Hutsona)

 Calculating dependencies ...                                                                                                            [ ok ]
 * (1 of 1) Family of powerful x86 virtualization products for enterprise as well as home use
 * Emerging app-emulation/virtualbox-4.3.26 ...      …

05/13 - RE: vboxdrv (virtualbox-modules) fails with sys-kernel/calculate-sources-4.0.1 (Antonio Hutsona)

So I need the bin version of Virtualbox?

I was using =app-emulation/virtualbox-3.3.26

Thank you!