1.8 Software

As regards software, the philosophy behind Calculate Linux distributions is to

  1. pick our users' favourites;
  2. create a unified design that would match the window manager;
  3. provide one program for one task.

You can help us selecting better software by writing to calculate-user, our mailing list.

Calculate Linux Desktop 14.12.1


program type KDE XFCE
Browser Chromium Chromium
Mail KMail Claws Mail
Jabber/ICQ Kopete Pidgin
IRC Konversation HexChat
Twitter Choqok
RSS reader Akregator Liferea
Torrent client KGet Deluge
DC++ EiskaltDC++ Linux DC++


program type KDE XFCE
Office suite LibreOffice LibreOffice
Ebook reader FBReader FBReader


program type KDE XFCE
Editor Gimp Gimp
Viewer Gwenview Geeqie
Manager digiKam Shotwell
Scanning XSane XSane


program type KDE XFCE
Video player SMPlayer SMPlayer
Audio player Amarok Audacious
Disk burner K3B Xfburn
Video editor Kdenlive


program type KDE XFCE
File manager Dolphin Thunar
Partition manager KDE Partition Manager GParted
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