Add support for CD writer hardware
Name Category Description
abcde media-sound A command line CD encoder
brasero app-cdr CD/DVD burning application for the GNOME desktop
caja-extensions mate-extra Several Caja extensions
caja-extensions mate-extra Several Caja extensions
gnome gnome-base Meta package for GNOME 3, merge this package to install
gnome-core-apps gnome-base Sub-meta package for the core applications integrated with GNOME 3
gthumb media-gfx Image viewer and browser for Gnome
gtkpod app-pda A graphical user interface to the Apple productline
inkscape media-gfx SVG based generic vector-drawing program
kipi-plugins media-plugins Plugins for the KDE Image Plugin Interface
nautilus-sendto gnome-extra A nautilus extension for sending files to locations
rhythmbox media-sound Music management and playback software for GNOME
sync2cd app-cdr An incremental archiving tool to CD/DVD
writerperfect app-text Various formats to Open document format converter

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